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SCS is a leading global brand in motorcycle helmet intercom technology using Bluetooth connectivity. We work with experienced riders and innovative engineers that constantly push the boundaries to develop the SCS range for motorcycle enthusiasts.

Elevate your ride. Take it to the max with SCS.

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SCS Bluetooth Helmet Systems FAQ

Only the S1, S3, S9 and S10 have an intercom function.

The Intercom function allows you to pair your SCS unit via Bluetooth to another compatible SCS unit. This pairing allows you to communicate with a fellow rider or pillion. The intercom function can also be used for groups of up to six riders.

All SCS units with intercom function have a range of 500m, with the exception of the S3 that has a range of 1000m.

Due to the brand specific Bluetooth protocols, SCS will only pair with another compatible SCS Unit.

SCS is a universal fit and will fit most helmets. If you are unsure, please contact us for further assistance.

Please refer to the model comparison table or contact us for further assistance.

SCS is noted for long battery life. Please refer to the product comparison table for model specific battery life.

The SCS charging cable has a cutaway on the plug that allows the plug to seat into the recessed charging port fully. Standard charging cables will illuminate the charging light but will not charge the unit. The SCS units must only be charged using the charging cable shipped with the unit.

Installation is very straightforward and easy. If you require assistance, please contact us and we will assist you telephonically. You may also bring your helmet to our office and we will fit your system at no charge.

All SCS units are rain proof. Rest assured that your unit will not be affected whilst riding in the rain.

Yes, SCS is ICASA approved. Our ICASA registration number is TA-2018/251.

You can pair up to four (4) Bluetooth devices to your headset, such as a TFT Screen, Cellphone, GPS, iPod, etc.

No, you need only purchase one Unit. For each helmet you can purchase an additional base Unit which includes the base, clamp, speakers and mic. You can then transfer your main unit from one helmet to another.

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