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Turkana Hippo Hips Saddle Bags | 30L


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Turkana HippoHips™ Hybrid Saddlebags Set

Turkana’s roll-top HippoHips™ are the only true hybrid adventure soft luggage saddlebags able to be fitted as classic “over the seat“ mount or as a quick-fit & release plate mount. (Both mounting sets sold separately).

These roll-top 100% waterproof and dustproof motorbike soft luggage panniers are favoured by serious riding pioneers, long distance riders, dual sport enduro moto-adventure guys and girls that have been around the block and know what gear is essential.

The new design and stronger, tougher upgraded fabric ensures the HippoHips™ soft panniers handle bugger ups, scrapes and drops from adventure enduro-type travel.

Disclaimer:  Products might vary in colour, material and construction from time to time


Turkana’s roll-top hybrid HippoHips™ is a uniquely designed hybrid soft luggage system, that can be used as classic universal type “over the seat“ using the Classic over the seat strap set or on our injection-moulded, Nylon6 glass-filled plate mounted system (Both mounting sets sold separately).

The HippoHips™ Hybrid universal design will fit the majority of adventure, touring or enduro style motorbikes, The soft saddlebag panniers require pannier frames on the motorcycle and fitment can be on both manufacturer pannier frames or aftermarket pannier frames.

HippoHips™ Hybrid is designed for passionate riders going off the beaten path on remote backcountry trails, where each adventure demands gear that can handle a massive beating and adaptable to different motorcycles.



Removable waterproof/dustproof inner bags.

Removeable Inner Liner Bag for Hippo Hips

Each saddlebag includes a roll-top removable inner liner bag, allowing you to conveniently leave the pannier bags on the bike and only take the inner bags to your tent or hotel room.

Rated IP67, the inner liner bags are waterproof and dustproof. Water may still come between the inner bag and the saddlebag, but it will not penetrate the inner bag. If the worst happens and the inner bag is damaged it can be easily replaced without the need to replace the entire saddlebag.

For convenience, the removable inner bags are also bright in colour, making it easier to find what you’re looking for when searching through your stuff in the bag and when used in combination with the Turkana modular packing cubes, each cube has a different colour making packing the inner bag simple.

Mounting Support Options

HippoHips Plate Mount Kit

Turkana Plate Mounted support

The Turkana HippoHips™ soft luggage adventure motorcycle mounting plate offers a quick release mount for your HippoHips™ baggage setup.

This unrivaled system offers a versatile, and universal fit to the majority of adventure motorcycles, designed with adjustable slots for easy configurability and fitment to most standard aftermarket and OEM motorcycle pannier racks of different shapes and sizes.

Lightweight, nearly unbreakable, making this the ideal adventure travel soft luggage mounting solution for adventure riders.

The glass-filled reinforced nylon 6 material, together with the ribbed design, gives these plates optimal strength where they need it most. But what sets these plates apart is their ingenious ribbed design, which not only saves on unnecessary weight but also grants the plate additional flexibility without compromising strength.


Mounting Option

No Mounting – Bag Only, With Classic Straps, With Mounting Plate


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