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Short Finger Levers BMW F 750 GS | 850 GS | 850 GSA (18-Onwards)


Introducing our custom-made, easy-to-fit control lever extenders! Say goodbye to the discomfort of stretching to reach your controls with these fully adjustable extenders. Sold as a pair, they offer enhanced comfort and control, allowing you to tailor the length and rake to your preference.

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BMW F 750 GS / 850 GS / 850 GSA Short Finger Levers- (18 – Onwards)

Benefits of Adjustable Short Levers:

An adjustable reach and length is not only beneficial for varying hand sizes but also ensures improved control in technical conditions where feathering of levers is required.

No more stretching to reach a control lever.

Standard manufacturers levers are either too long  or are not adjustable in length or rake. The latter point is particularly important as no two riders are the same.

Additional adjustment options therefore make it easier for the rider to customize settings for their exact profile.

Shorter levers also assist in greater front brake control. No more dangerously grabbing a handful of front brakes in an emergency (which could result in going over the handlebars).

Enhanced safety and comfort with bonus good looks!

BMW F 750 / 850 Short lever features:

  • Adjustable in length from 40mm to 60mm.
  • Adjustable in rake (forward and backwards) in 6 stages.
  • Rounded ball end for comfort and safety. No trapped finger in the event of dropping the bike.
  • Made from aero grade billet aluminium.
  • Easy click to adjust miniature clicker that allows riders to manipulate the lever position even while riding.
  • Enhances the appearance and functionality of your bike controls.
  • Replaces the original brake and clutch levers.
  • Reduced likelihood of levers making contact with the ground, in the event of dropping the bike.
  • Price includes : Clutch & Brake Lever


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