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J-Mount Etrex Double Super Light


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J-Mount’s all new redesigned Double superlight mount for the garmin etrex gps range.
The ultimate navigational setup has arrived, we listened to what the top riders in the field had to say and completely redesigned our double mount changing from the heavy large silicone to our patented process of a rigid base covered by an elastic polymer just like the Single super light J-mount. We present the new J-mount Double super light with a 50% weight reduction weighing just 350 grams mounted. with the new slimmer aesthetic and mounted in the center of your handlebar it guarantees for a better navigational dashboard experience

These changes just like the single mount might reduce the indestructible nature of the Original J-Mount but we believe that the racing snakes will like the weight savings much more.

mounting is just as simple as the single mount using the traditional clam shell handlebar mount to affix a base plate right in the center of the handlebars. this base plate can accommodate two newly redesigned single mounts as well as our Montana mount if desired. this means that you can build your own setup with different J-mounts attached to one baseplate as well as removing the baseplate and using only a single mount on the handlebar clamp

Available for the Garmin Etrex 10, 20, 30 range units

Fitment of the mount is very simple and uses a basic handle bar clamp to secure it.

What’s in the box
2 X Redesigned Single J-Mount
1 X Dual Base Plate
1 X Handlebar Clam Mount


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