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Hex EZ Can KTM Can-bus Accessory Controller


The Hex ezCAN is an accessory manager for motorbikes which enables you to seamlessly add various aftermarket accessories (such as additional lights, air horns, GPS’s, heated jackets, phone chargers…) with ease and without cutting any wires or voiding your warranty. Customise your bike and make it safer to ride. Key features

  • One Device Manages Everything
  • Integrates Additional Safety Features
  • Does Not Void Warranty
  • Plugs Directly Into CAN-Bus (saves installation time and wiring complexity)
  • Unobtrusive – fits perfectly under the seat
  • Easy configuration of software via USB (MAC and Windows PC)
  • 4 Individually electronically fused channels
  • Waterproof and Dust Proof

This device works on the following KTM models:

  • KTM 1290
  • KTM 1190
  • KTM 1090
  • KTM 1050
  • KTM 790 (partial support)

HEX EZ Can Features

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