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Hex EZ Can BMW 1200 | 1250 GS | A Can-Bus Accessory Controller


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Key features

  • One Device Manages Everything
  • Integrates Additional Safety Features
  • Does Not Void Warranty
  • Plugs Directly Into CAN-Bus (saves installation time and wiring complexity)
  • Unobtrusive – fits perfectly under the seat
  • Easy configuration of software via USB (MAC and Windows PC)
  • 4 Individually electronically fused channels
  • Waterproof and Dust Proof

This device works on the following BMW models:

  • R1200|1250GS – K25
  • R1200|1250GS Adventure – K25
  • R1200RT – K26
  • R1200R – K27
  • R1200 ST – K26


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