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Go Gravel Sidestand Enlarger BMW 1200 | 1250 GS Adventure LC -Lowered Suspension


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For BMW R1200/1250GS LC (K50) lowered suspension only. Model Years: From 2013 to current.

Lowered suspension only for K50. Not for lowered adventure (K51) models.

It does not fit the 1200/1250GS adventure model (see product GG007), 1200/1250GS LC standard suspension (see product: GG006), 1200GS Rallye & 1250GS HP with Sport/raised suspension (see product GG007) models.

The product enlarges the footprint of the standard side stand to be able to place your motorcycle on the side stand anywhere, even on unstable surfaces such as soft sand, mud, melting asphalt, etc.
The GoGravel side stand foot enlarger is made out of stainless steel and powder coated aluminium components.
Easy to fit & secure, all fittings supplied.
GoGravel products are designed and tested in the extremes of Southern Africa where they are manufactured.



Enlarges the side stand footprint
Strong, sturdy, stainless steel and powder coated aluminium
Duck Foot shape technology maximizes stability
Nylon locking nuts to prevent loosening by vibration
Enhances the look of the side stand