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Desert Fox Raptor LED Spot Light Kit


A super bright, low power consumption plug and play LED spot light kit incorporating the latest in lighting technology

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The Desert Fox Raptor LED Spot Light Kit represents the pinnacle of current light technology and have been developed specifically for motorcycles.

Consuming a meager 10 watts per unit these LED spots produce an outstanding bright output of pure white light equivalent to a 100 W halogen unit.

This equates to a power saving of 90 watts for each unit or 180 watts combined over traditional halogen bulbs.

Or put another way, a lot less strain on your bikes charging system.

Features of the Desert Fox LED Spot Lights:

    • A proprietary reflector technology that provides the ultimate focus for long range light projection.
    • All circuitry is shock resistant and resin encased, important for motorcycle use.
    • A unique Aluminium PCB board for rugged off road use- other manufacturers do not use aluminium resulting in a cracked circuit when used off road.
    • Weather- proof connectors, silicone wiring and stainless steel fittings.
    • A unique gland to ensure wiring is stable and will not crack in extreme conditions e.g. when turning the handlebars over the lifetime of your bike.
    • Rugged aluminum housing for optimal durability and heat dissipation.
    • Thermally protected with over-sized cooling fins. Many spot lights have inadequate cooling resulting in the LED loosing output power.
    • High power latest generation Cree Led with a combined light output of 2200 Lumens. This lumens output is stable & does not reduce thanks to the over-sized cooling fins.
    • Some manufacturers may claim high initial output lumens, however, due to inadequate cooling fins LED output power in such units actually diminishes .
    • Reverse voltage protected.
    • Extremely robust laser cut lens with a light transmittance of greater than 93%.
    • Plug and play. No cutting of existing wiring is required. Simply connect to your battery with the supplied wiring kit.
    • Service life of 50 000 hours with no filaments for total peace of mind.
    • Full range of model specific mounts available.

Kit Includes: 

  • 2 spotlights.
  • Full wiring harness including inline fuse and relay.
  • Waterproof handle bar switch which enables you to operate the system without removing your hand from the handle bar.


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