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Desert Fox EzSleep Camping Bed Stretcher | Lounger


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At last a comfortable lightweight camping bed stretcher that also converts to a lounger.

Designed over a period of 2 years by Desert Fox this compact camping stretcher has been tested with a massive 200 kg load.

Weighing in at just over 2kg the EzSleep packs down to a compact 48 x 15 x 15 cm.

Simple, robust and comfortable.

The way it should be.

Features of the EzSleep Camping Bed Stretcher & Lounger

  • Lightweight & compact.
  • Easy to set up and breakdown, with no tools.
  • Converts from a bed to a lounger.
  • Minimal sagging which allows for a comfortable nights sleep – most stretchers sag leaving the user lying in a “tube”.
  • No end bars thereby avoiding any pressure points on your legs.
  • Designed to have minimal surface noise when turning in your sleep.
  • Does not need an extra inflatable mattress.
  • Stable on uneven terrain.
  • Can support a heavy weight (up to 200 kg).
  • Raised off the ground for insulation and for packing belongings underneath it -ideal in one man tents where space is at a premium.
  • PVC undercoating for additional insulation- you loose around 40 times more body heat to the ground than to the air.*
  • Built in pillow holder and two side pouches for spectacles, cell phones and keys.
  • Class leading 16mm aluminium frame with no plastic bracing members- most camping beds have 8 mm frames with plastic braces which fail through cracking.
  • No pressure points on the floor of the tent -most stretchers invariably pierce the floor of a tent due to their plastic components .
  • Rust  & water proof.
  • Ideal for camping, beaches & as a home spare bed

*Benefits of sleeping off the ground on an EzSleep stretcher:

  • You lose much more warmth to the ground than to the air (40 times on soil and 55 times on a rocky surface)
  • Saves one from crawling life e.g Scorpions
  • A lot more comfortable
  • Reduces dampness
  • The EzSleep remains dry in rain making it clean when packing – unlike a wet tent


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