Booster Plug For BMW



The BoosterPlug tuning module offers and efficient and proven upgrade to fuel injection system on your BMW. BoosterPlug is simple to install, the original connectors are Plug and Play,  No cutting or splicing of wires, no complicated setup procedures, and no irreversible changes to the bike.


The BoosterPlug improves fuel injection and helps eliminate common problems like stalling, rough and weak idle, and surging.


The Ideal Tuning Alternative 

Modern Fuel Injected bikes are plagued with common idle issue and erratic throttle response caused by lean fuelling, by using the very good (but slightly lean) factory fuel map as a baseline, booster plug offers a brilliant and simple fuel injection tuning solution without the need for any programming or tuning.


Eliminating the dreaded issues with stalling and rough idle 

The fuel injection on modern motorcycles are tuned extremely lean from the factory, causing the dreaded on/off like throttle action, the weak and rough running at idle and the tendency to stall at take-off.
The BoosterPlug is designed to make the air/fuel ratio slightly richer at idle, low RPM and during acceleration and deceleration to make engine run like you would expect from a premium motorcycle.

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Booster Plug For BMW


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